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Empowering future creatives & journalists


Our Mission

Our mission at PreciseTake Multimedia is to offer unparalleled in-field experience to future creatives and journalists.


We take pride in our paid internship program that provides hands-on experience in Business Management, Stages of Video Production, Digital Marketing, Video Editing, and Journalism. We select 3 to 5 eligible small businesses per year to sponsor. 

our mission

Why Support Us?

Real World Experience

We provide our interns with live projects that significantly contribute to their portfolios

Community Impact

Through our program, we collaborate with local businesses, thereby amplifying the voices of our community.

Financial Assistance

Our internships are paid, helping students to support themselves while they gain critical work experience.


Your generous contributions will help us:
  • Absorb most of the production and labor costs, making it easier for eligible businesses to collaborate with our interns.

  • Enhance our internship program to include more learning experiences and extend our reach into the community.

  • Enable us to provide better resources and training programs to our interns.

How to Support Us

We accept donations through Cash App and Zelle to make the process convenient for you. Any amount, large or small, contributes to the growth and success of our interns.


Become Part of Our Mission

Become a part of our mission to nurture the next generation of creatives and journalists. Click below to support us today!

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